Spirit Runner – Activating our Youth

With so many sedentary distractions in today’s world, fitness activists' Don Patterson and Janice Ryan, joined forces with one of Canada’s top mobile development companies, Fission Media, to design a mobile tool to encourage youth to stay active. Their first project focused in on Aboriginal youth, with specific attention to their culture. The Spirit Runner app is a combination activity log, scheduler, motivational tool, GPS tracker and pedometer with a built-in reward system. Spirit Runner is now available for the iPhone, iPod touch and is compatible with the iPad.

Spirit Runner Creators

Don is a lawyer and a long distance cyclist who passionately believes that EVERY KID should have the same opportunity to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Study after study highlights the many positive effects of children who are active: lower rates of obesity and diabetes, higher academic performance, lower rates of juvenile delinquency and substance abuse, increased self-confidence. To help deliver this message, he cycled across Canada in 2012, covering over 7200 km in 28 days. His objectives were to increase awareness of youth obesity and inactivity and secondly, to raise funds for the local YMCAs so more kids can participate in their great programs.

Janice, a well-known media personality, actor and writer, is also an adventure traveller. Whether paddling the Zambezi River, trekking the Himalayas or kayaking with the orcas, Janice believes staying active is essential to staying healthy. After learning about Don's ride and his concerns, Janice suggested that an activity tracker might be part of the solution. Embracing the hand-held technology revered by youth seemed a surest way to get their interest.The result is the Spirit Runner app.

The stunning artwork is designed by Aboriginal artist, Jessica Desmoulin. Jessica’s work can be seen in the Bearclaw Gallery.

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