Nîkânîw: Aboriginal Youth Leadership Program combines the cultural teachings and guidance of Aboriginal Elders and Leaders with the instruction of water safety education, first aid, CPR, leadership and life skills. These program areas compliment each other, teaching a respect for Mother Earth, and especially the element of water. Nîkânîw means “one who leads the way” in Cree. Lorie White (front row, far right) is the Nîkânîw Programmer with the City of Edmonton.

Ermineskin Cree Nation youth use Spirit Runner on their iPods, iPhones and iPads.

Hi Don, great photo with the kids at Kikino, sounds like it is REALLY working. There was a study done in Vanves France over ten years, 10 000 students. They cut the academic time in half and gave them all socio-cultural, recreational activities in the afternoon; cross country skiing, cross county running etc. At the end of ten years their learning was as good and better (even though time cut in about half) and they were way beyond the other students in fitness etc. We used that program with our grade 8 and 9 special ed students at King Edward Junior high ... cross country ski program; archery program (they made all their own arrows); made canoes, carved paddles. Attendance went from 72 percent to 93.5 percent ... higher than the top 10 grade 8 programs in Edmonton. These were kids no one could teach; bussed in from all over the city.
So I know you are on the right track.

Dr. Barrie Bennett

"I have two passions in life, technology and fitness! Working in the information technology industry has made me quite critical of software functionality and naturally a little particular with what programs I use.
I've found the Spirit Runner App to be a very effective tool for tracking and maintaining my daily workout and exercise schedules. It is exactly what I was after in regards to something that I could quickly use to track my workouts on the fly.
It works flawlessly in planning my workouts, keeping track of my progress and reminding me when it is time to get out there. I have found that I do train best with some form of motivation and the Spirit Runner App has provided that motivation for me.
There are more than 30 types of exercises that this app manages, so there is no excuse not to keep a track of any and all activities I am doing through the week.
My favourite feature is the integrated GPS and step counter, which I have found to be extremely accurate and saves from guessing how far I have traveled on a long run and shows exactly where I have been. All in all this is a relatively simple, easy to use App with great features which I'll continue to use as long as I am keeping fit."

Chris Stewart

Keeping track of my activities with Spirit Runner has really helped motivate me to exercise. The app sends me reminders when I haven't exercised for a while and the quotes are very motivational. I really like to see see my achievements, especially when I can track the total distance I have travelled with all of my activities. Thank you Spirit Runner for helping me to improve my lifestyle and overall health!

Jessica Fuller LLB

This app is a great motivational tool for youth and young adults to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. I really like how it reminds you to log your activities every few days.

Dr. Michelle Carruthers

The Spirit Runner app is a very timely and innovative means of galvanizing Aboriginal youth into action on a physical level. By which I mean, it’s destined to become integral to the portable technologies that so many young people have become inseparable from. With a focus on physical exercise, the key features of the Spirit Runner app include daily “calls to action” to engage in physical activity, motivational/inspirational coaching, and performance logs. All of which can be found at the touch of a finger on an easy-to-use I-Tunes platform.
In essence, this free app can be viewed as an electronic substitute for a personal trainer. As such, it is a hand-held personal trainer (accessible 24/7) that is culturally-sensitive to the various health-related challenges facing the Aboriginal youth of today. And as a lifelong fitness devotee, I can see how this app can have a dynamically transformative impact on anyone (youthful or otherwise) who is committed to using it to its full advantage.

Marc Lorenzo Davis
Author of the Four-to-Two Fitness Formula

Awesome App! The app is great for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness. Easy for all ages to use. Nice visuals. Easy to keep track of personal workouts. The app is also motivational. Reminders are also great for on the go use!

Ross Lingham
YMCA Triathlete

5 stars!
I am an Ironman athlete and train nearly everyday for my triathlon races. Sprint Runner is a great new App which allows me to plan and track all my workouts. I have a coach who lives in Toronto. I can program all the scheduled workouts for the week into the ¨Reminders¨ tab and then share the actual workout details after it has been completed (either by email or text message).

One of the most useful things about this App is the Step or GPS Tracker feature. Just turn it on at the beginning of your activity, then when your finished you will have a workout summary. Getting active is something important but also fun. This App can help you and your friends achieve your race goals or just keep healthy and feel great.

Rob MacInnis
Ironman Athlete

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